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Dates, times, additional presentation and speaker information will be updated as it becomes available. Please check back!


LuckieAlexander HS (1).png

Luckie Alexander

CEO and Founder
Invisible Men

Dallas Denny headshot.jpg

Dallas Denny

Prolific Author and Advocate

Ashley T Brundage headshot.jpg

Ashley T. Brundage

Founder and President
Empowering Differences

Loren S Schechter MD photo 2021.jpg

Loren Schechter, MD

Chief of Gender Affirmation Surgery
Rush University 

Gwen Patrone.jpg

Dr. Gwen Patrone

Author and Entrepreneur

toby meltzer.jpg

Toby Meltzer, M.D.

Renownded Gender Affirmation Surgeon

michelle popkov.jpeg

Michelle Popkov

Proud Member of The Vanity Club

Jane Lee.jpg

Jane B. Lee

Author, Playwright, Poet

President Emerita (2018 & 2019)

Jamil-Jack Abreu headshot.jpg

Jamil-Jack Abreu

Co-Founder and Director
Phoenix Rising Program

Becca Reynolds RN.jpg

Rebecca Reynolds, RN

Registered Nurse & Advocate

Cindy Sullivan

Human Rights Advocate 

Savannah Hauk.jpeg

Savannah Hauk

Dual Gender Speaker, Author, Podcaster

Jamil-Jack Abreu

Panel Discussion: Transmen Transition Information

Luckie Alexander

Transmasculine Health and It's Unique Challenges 

Ashley T. Brundage

Empowering Differences: 4 Step Empowerment Process

Tori Cooper

HRC, Director of Community Engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative

Dallas Denny

The History of Transgender Medicine: Who Are Heroes and Who are Villian

Savanah Hauk 

Hiding My Identity: A dual gender person experiencing shame

Maryann Horton

Trailblazer: Lighting the Path for Transgender Equality 

Jane B. Lee

The Journey of a Woman by Choice

Dr. Toby Meltzer

Male to Female Surgical Options: Genital, Facial Feminization, Breast Augmentation, Revisions/Repairs and Body Contouring

Female to Male Surgical Options: Genital, Chest, Revisions/Repairs and Body Contouring

Michelle Popkov

Enhancing Your MTF Presentation ~ Gaining Confidence 

Dr. Gwen Patrone

Trans-Truth: Your Journey to Completeness

Transpreneur: Transformative Entrepreneurship

Marg Produe

Intersex People: The I in the LGBTQIA Community 

Becca Reynolds, RN

I Can't Do Nuthin': Overcoming Obstacles in the Gender Journey

The Making of a Support Group

Unity in Dichotomy: Finding the Oneness in Our Twoness

The Golden Years of Trans: Where will we all end up? 

Cindy Sullivan

Hearts and Minds of Activism

Loren Schechter, MD

Transmasculine Surgery: Top and Bottom Surgery Including Mastectomy, Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty

Transfeminine Surgery: Breast Augmentation and Vaginoplasty

Aleksander Sic

The Story of a Transgender Man & A Discussion on Phalloplasty

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