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Dr. Joel Beck, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Joel Beck is a recognized authority in aesthetic plastic surgery and gender confirmation surgery. He exemplifies exceptional artistry and consideration for his patient's health, safety and happiness. Dr. Beck is proud to assist his brave patients who are taking steps toward transitioning. 

Seminar and Consultations: Gender Confirming Surgeries 

Dr. Beck will host a workshop and private consultations for conference participants who have questions or are considering gender confirming surgeries. 

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Julian Clarke

CEO and Founder 100 Black Transmen, Inc.

Rev. Julian Clarke grew up in Staten Island, New York and served in the United State Marine Corps. As an ordained minister, Rev. Clarke is a tireless advocate for children, women and the LGBTQIA+ community and contributes to numerous nonprofit organizations including The Thriving Trans Men of Color, Inc., Men of TRANSformation, and The Transgender and Diverse Veterans of America, Inc. 

Growth Mindset of Safety

Join Rev. Clarke as we work to identify the barriers that lead transgender and gender nonconforming individuals to believe that their safety has been jeopardized, is low or nonexistent. Come and learn different identifying techniques and receive different tactics on how to approach and work through these issues.

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Dallas Denny

Author, Counselor, Activist

Dallas Denny has been a leader in the transgender rights movement since the 1980's. Her work as an advocate, writer, editor, and community builder, have played a significant role in the advancement of rights for transsexual and transgender people in North America and around the world. 

Curtains Drawn, Doors Locked: Private Photographs of Crossdressers from the Mid-Twentieth Century

This talk centers on the group of crossdressers from New York and the Chevalier D'Eon and Casa Susanna resorts in the Catskills Mountains of New York. Dallas will present newly-available photos from the very early 1960's. 

Dr Lulu

Dr. Lulu, M.D.

Pediatrician, Mom, Ally

Dr. Lulu is a Nigerian-born former Lieutenant Colonel in the US Airforce, board-certified pediatrician and parent. Dr. Lulu and her work has an LGBTQ+ parent coach has been featured on Oprah, NBC, ABC, CBS This Morning and Parents Magazine.

Strategies to Support Black Transgender Students in Higher Education

This workshop guides participants in effective ways to support Black transgender collegiate students. Dr. Lulu will focus on the intersectionality of Black transgender students and the need for comprehensive, particularly with regard to mental health and affirmation. 

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Dr. Sven Gunther, MD

Gender Affirming Plastic Surgeon and Transgender Health Advocate 

Dr. Gunther attended medical school at the University California Davis School of Medicine as a Regents’ Scholar, one of a select group of students with demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and exceptional promise. Dr. Gunther attended Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for his plastic surgery residency. Here, he trained with multiple world-renowned surgeons in the study of gender-affirming top surgery, facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, and facial
feminization. Dr. Gunther was fortunate to spend his last year of training at Oregon Health & Science University, focusing on all aspects for gender-affirming surgery including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, top surgery, breast augmentation, and facial feminization. One of Dr. Gunther’s greatest personal achievements during medical school was founding and co-directing a free hormone clinic for transgender and gender non-comforming patients.
 Dr. Gunther has been an active member in WPATH since 2018.

Transmasculine Discussion: An Overview of Transmasculine Surgeries
In this session you will be covering a brief introduction of trans masculine surgical options as well as how to best prepare for your consultation and surgery. We will focus specifically on top surgery, body contouring and genital surgery options.

Transfeminine Discussion: An Overview of Transfeminine Surgeries 
In this session we will be covering a brief introduction of trans feminine surgical options as well as how to best prepare for your consultation and surgery. We will focus specifically on facial feminization surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and vaginoplasty options.

Gwen Patrone

Dr. Gwen Patrone, PhD

Author and Entrepreneur

Dr. Patrone is a lifelong entrepreneur and former Sergeant in the US Marines. She uses organic life experiences to simplify complex ideas. Through speaking on stage and in virtual and recorded classes, she's helped countless people worldwide discover their purpose and reach their goals through innovative thinking. 

Trans Truth: Your Journey to Completeness 

Dr. Patrone presents the major theories of her book Trans Truth, a guide and discussion on the gender spectrum for transgender persons. 

Marg Produe

Activist and Educator

Marg Produe is a person living with intersex traits. Marg holds degrees in Science, Information Technology and Technical Prosthetics. Marg is a member of interACT, InterConnect, Madison Area Transgender Association, Oconomowoc PFLAG, Transgender Heaven and Crossdresser Heaven. 

Intersex People: The "I" in LGBTQIA+

About 2% of the population has Intersex traits. Intersex people are as common as redheads. Yet, other than in name, they are a little-known or understood part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. This program will discuss the variety of aspects of living an Intersex life. 

Michelle Popkov

President Emerita of Vanity Club, Co-Founder of Transgender United

Michelle Popkov has given presentations on style and technique at major transgender conferences since 2011.  She is President Emerita of the Vanity Club and a co-founder of Transgender United, an all-inclusive social and support group for the LGBT community. Michelle is retired and lives in Las Vegas, NV.

Enhancing Your MTF Presentation 

You have just gathered enough confidence to come out of your hotel room, and then you find yourself "Made" in less than 10 seconds! What can you do? This seminar is aimed at novices to know some basic tips on developing a feminine presentation. These tips will provide you countermeasures to take on your life in public as a woman, build your confidence, and avoid natural traps that give you away. 

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Dr. Loren Schechter, MD

Chief of Gender Affirmation Surgery at Rush University

Dr. Schechter is Professor of Surgery and Urology and Chief of Gender Affirmation Surgery at Rush University. He serves on the Executive Committee of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). He was the recipient of the 2013 Illinois State Bar Association Community Service Award for his advocacy efforts on behalf of the transgender community, was an invited discussant to the Pentagon in 2017 to discuss military service by transgender individuals.

Consultations will be offered. Seminars include:

  • Vaginoplasty 

  • Chest Surgery

  • Metoidioplasty/Phalloplasty, with hysterectomy and vaginectomy 

Savannah Hauk

The Dynamic Between Non-transitioning, Crossing Dressing Men & Their Significant Others

Join us as we tackle what happens after a crossdressing man reveals himself to or is discovered by his significant other and learn about the changed dynamic between a woman and her crossdressing man.

Detroit-born Savannah Hauk lives a confident, visible and successful male-to-female dual gender life. Her eLit award-winning "Living with Crossdressing" book series is written to demystify and destigmatize the dual gender experience for both crossdressing men and the people who love them. Savannah also co-hosts the weekly The Fox and The Phoenix podcast, reinforcing positive, inclusive messages of gender identity and multiple expression. 

Author, Podcaster, Advocate and TEDx Speaker

Jane Lee

The Journey of a Woman by Choice

A walk through the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, to familial and social challenges and on to acceptance and surgery.

~More Coming Soon~

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