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Seminar Information

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Jamil-Jack Abreu

Activist, Co-Founder and Director of Phoenix Transition, Director of the Atlanta Chapter for Invisible Men 

Jamil  was born and raised in Miami, Florida from Afro-Cuban & Afro-Puerto Rican Parents. He is the youngest of 5 siblings. Jamil is a POC Transman. He is an advocate in the Transgender community and Co-Founder and Director to the Phoenix Transition program. He ran a support group in Macon GA in 2016 along with his wife Lupa Brandt. Lupa Brandt is a Trans-Women and advocate in the community. They live in Atlanta GA and have volunteered their time to non-profit organizations. Jamil was a victim of police abuse of power, rape, and discrimination. Jamil Mission is for Inclusion & Visibility of trans-men in all spaces. He is a graduate of Georgia Equality's Trans-Action and Invisible Men Leadership academy. He is  the Director of the Atlanta Chapter for Invisible Men. He has also been featured in Trans Living Magazine. Jamil goal is for more visibility within the Trans-masculine community and to uplift those who are facing financial hardship. Jamil has a passion for visual art through Photography and website design. He opened an LLC company called Monarch Kreations . In his free time he enjoys listening to Billy Alsbrooks, a motivational speaker. He also enjoys spoken word, and playing the saxophone. 

Transmen Transition Information 

Jamil-Jack Abreu will present information related to the Transmen/Trans Masculine community. Information provided will be referenced to his own personal experience. Topics covered include Insurance, Starting Testosterone, Socializing as a Transman, Transmen Surgery and Recovery, and Binders. 

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Emily Ashcroft

Gender Challenge: Facing Life in Today’s World in Your True Gender.

This seminar will focus on the challenges to growing up in your true gender. Issues and questions will be presented and life examples provided, but the true value will come from audience participation relaying their stories, challenges and successes and even their failures with the group. The goal is to make this an interactive learning session where we all can build upon the strengths of each other. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it, now let’s share our stories and learn and grow from each other.

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Dr. Joel Beck, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

Dr. Joel Beck is a recognized authority in aesthetic plastic surgery and gender confirmation surgery. He exemplifies exceptional artistry and consideration for his patient's health, safety and happiness. Dr. Beck is proud to assist his brave patients who are taking steps toward transitioning. 

Seminar and Consultations: Gender Confirming Surgeries 

Dr. Beck will host a workshop and private consultations for conference participants who have questions or are considering gender confirming surgeries. 

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Reverend (Dr.) Sarah Carpenter

Religious Leader, Author

After 19 years, Reverend (Dr.) Sarah Carpenter stepped away from her career as a clinical
engineer and was awarded a Bachelors Degree in Religion and Philosophy and was ordained in
1996. She was awarded a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies in 2000 and a Doctorate in New
Testament Theology in 2006. Reverend Carpenter has presented at The Tiffany Club of New
England’s First Event in Boston from 1999 to 2019, covering subjects such as Religion, Faith
and the LGBTQ Community and support for transgender children. She also offered a Sunday
morning worship service for the attendees of the Boston conference from 2003 until 2019. Sarah
also presented for 4 years at the Empire Conference in Albany NY, at the 2015 PFLAG National
Convention in Nashville Tennessee and at the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference from
2015 until COVID caused it to be postponed.

More recently, she has spoken about the unintentional and the deliberate corruption of scripture and how it has been recently weaponized and used against the transgender community. Sarah lead the International Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil for 6 years when she lived on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. She now lives in Pennsylvania where she has lead the vigil for 3 years and at a church in Delaware for 2 years. In 2018, she received an honorary Doctor of Divinity for her advocacy work as a transgender advocate and gender diversity trainer at locations across the country to improve the lives of transgender adults and children. The 3rd edition of her book, "Freedom of Religion by Individual Choice" was published in 2018. 

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Samuel Castle

Life Coash and Podcaster

Samuel Castle is a self-proclaimed foodie, willing to try anything once, and is currently married.  An outspoken individual, he identifies as a transgender man and works as a psychiatric technician, Life Coach, podcaster, and is on the path to becoming a Therapist. Known for his kindness, love, intelligence, talent, and ambition, he considers himself a member of the Human race and a man of faith. His superpower lies in authenticity, a quality that has been evident even in challenging times, allowing him to heal from trauma and pursue his dreams.
As a Trans Masculine man, he has always possessed a deep sense of empathy and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world. From a young age, he experienced a disconnect between his assigned gender at birth and his true identity. 
After years of introspection, self-reflection, and seeking support, he embarked on a transformative journey of self-acceptance and began his transition at the age of 36. Now at 41, he is living his best life and encourages others to do the same.

Healing in the Here and Now: What is Next, After Your Pain

This seminar focuses on the healing process that has allowed me to thrive in the aftermath of trauma and adversity as a Black Trans Man

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Coach Rev. Julian Clarke

CEO and Founder FOCUS2RISE Life Coaching LLC

As a part of several non-profit organizations, working with other organizations and volunteering his time to those such as the N.C. Guardian Ad Litem as a child advocate, The Thriving Trans Men of Color TTMOC Inc. as Director of Administration, Men Of TRANSformation, Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Inc. as an officer and current reigning pageant titleholder of Mr. AQK and as the Director of Operations for 100 Black Trans Men Inc., The Transgender & Diverse Veterans of America Inc. as a founding charter member, and the grassroots founder of The Auspicious Mental Assertion Program Inc. Julian makes it a point to find ways to use the strength of his voice to carry sound for those who do not have one.

Growth Mindset of Safety

Join Rev. Clarke as we work to identify the barriers that lead transgender and gender nonconforming individuals to believe that their safety has been jeopardized, is low or nonexistent. Come and learn different identifying techniques and receive different tactics on how to approach and work through these issues.

After spending a childhood in the inner cities of Staten Island, New York, Julian found himself in the grasp of the United States Marine Corps. A place where he spent 4 years of his life dedicated to fighting for the rights of others. Since his transition out of the military, Julian has been spending his time advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. Children, Women and Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Aiding in various ways to ensure diverse experiences, along with avenues of inclusion and equity are met where there are challenges.

Standing in the light as a Spiritual Counselor as an Ordained Minister, Rev. Julian Clarke spends his time sharing Love, Light, and Positive Energies with others that he encounters. Sharing words of Encouragement, messages of Empowerment, and displaying acts of Kindness. Further strengthening the path of Visibility & Advocacy as a Certified Life Coach carrying the mantle as a Transgender Advocate and Leader of and for the BIPOC Community.

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Diane Crow

Photographer, Filmmaker, Owner of Diane Crow Productions

With 25 years experience working with men and women, Diane is a full-time commercial photographer and filmmaker. Among her clients are Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, the PGA, banks, law firms, Models and Actors. She has written, directed and edited commercials for the national market. But her biggest accomplishment to date is her transformation to Diane. It has been 4 years fully out and 100% living my true life. Portraits with Diane Crow Diane's 30 years experience will make you look amazing and give you the pictures you finally deserve.

How to Pose for the Camera

How do models pose so perfectly for the camera? I'll teach you how to show off your best side for the camera and as a result help you to understand the feminine side of posing. We will use real world examples and help you look your very best for the camera and in life.

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Christine Daily

Paramedic Nurse Extender, Transgender Healthcare Educator

Christine, in her male form, spent her life hiding who she was by living life as a Firefighter Paramedic hiding “the girl trapped in the boy”. In 2006, life changed when a work related accident almost took her life. Two years later she started a journey with, at the time, a reluctant wife. She became a program director at a local college, still hiding who she was. In 2016, she came out fully to the world, and was subsequentally terminated by the college. She was hired as a paramedic in the emergency room with the Emory University Hospital System. Fully accepted in her role, her employer completely covered her gender confirmation surgery in 2022. She is currently married to Robyn Reeder and has left Empry to relocate to Florida with her wife. 

Interacting with the Medical Community

Christine's discussion will offer practical, supportive methods and experiences on engaging with the healthcare service providers and the medical community. 

Growing up as a lonely closeted trans child in a conservative middle-class Christian home in Southern India, Celia writes and speaks passionately about her mental health, gender incongruence, and social challenges that she faced in her family, work, school, and community both in US and India.


Celia Daniels is a management consultant with over 25 plus years of demonstrated success in operating, growing, and spearheading media, healthcare, and life sciences engagements for Fortune 100 companies like Amgen, Genentech, United Health, BlueCross, and Americhoice.  She has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science.


​She advocates for the LGBTQ+ community with Providers, Payers, Pharmaceuticals, and Policymakers in the U.S. and South Asia. She strives to make LGBTQ+ communities, particularly the trans community, feel welcomed and accepted in all facets of society, from the bathroom to the boardroom.

Redefining DEI from the Bathroom to the Boardroom

As a corporate executive in healthcare and Life sciences, when I came out as Nonbinary trans femme, I faced many challenges including discrimination and performative allyship within the companies that claimed to be inclusive ( HRC CEI Index 100%). I started educating, engaging and empowering these companies to be truly transformative and inclusive to gender diverse intersectional identities. As a person who is neurodivese, I advocate for Racial, gender and Health equity for Trans and Gender diverse communities. 

This seminar will motivate Trans and Gender Diverse individuals to come out and live their lives authentically at work and in the community. 

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Celia Daniels 

Executive Business Leader, Advocate

Paradise Conference_BOD_Dallas.png

Dallas Denny

Author, Counselor, Activist

Dallas Denny has been a leader in the transgender rights movement since the 1980's. Her work as an advocate, writer, editor, and community builder, have played a significant role in the advancement of rights for transsexual and transgender people in North America and around the world. 

Curtains Drawn, Doors Locked: Private Photographs of Crossdressers from the Mid-Twentieth Century

This talk centers on the group of crossdressers from New York and the Chevalier D'Eon and Casa Susanna resorts in the Catskills Mountains of New York. Dallas will present newly-available photos from the very early 1960's. 

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Kristin Edwards

Safety and Security Expert, Retired Law Enforcement, US Army and US Marshals Service 

Kristin served over 28 years law enforcement and the United States Army. She served in the United States Marshals Service rising the rank of Chief Inspector. She held a variety of roles, but the majority of career was in protection. She ran physical security operations in a variety of locations. She also conducted protective investigations and managed the agency’s workplace violence program. She created the U.S. Marshals Insider Threat Program as well. While in the military she served in both the infantry and
civil affairs. She is a combat veteran of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. Following her retirement, she worked as the Director of Training for a Security and Defense contractor near Boston, MA. While there she worked with major sports and entertainment franchises as well as government agencies at all levels.
Currently Kristin, works for Safe Conduct LLC a security training and consulting business. She is gender fluid.

Avoiding Anti-Trans Violence 

Violence against the transgender community is at an all-time high and continues to grow. In 2022 there were 38 murders of trans persons in the United States (Transequality, 2022). In 2023, There were more than 508 new anti LGBTQ bills filed across the United States (ACLU, 2023). Hate and the associated violence against us continues to grow unabated. To avoid the rise in anti-trans violence, it is important to be able to identify attackers before they are close enough to hurt us. Behavioral detection allows us to identify potentially violent people and scenarios far enough in advance to avoid them. Behavioral detection can be used to identify both interpersonal violence and attacks on the locations that gather. This presentation will cover typical behavioral cues, pre-attack indicators, and evaluating behavior. We will discuss how to develop plans to escape and evade once you have identified a potentially violent individual.

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Diana (Dee) Haggerty, MD, PhD *

Physician and Educator 

A St. Louis native, Dr. Haggerty has lived, taught medicine, and practiced in 7 cities each with over a million population. She now practices as a full time family physician in rural Alabama. As a chronically over-educated academician (BS chemistry, MSc biochemistry (Univ. of Missouri), PhD physical biochemistry (Case Western Reserve University), MD and MPH in chronic disease epidemiology (Emory University)), she was an early entrant into the academic world treating gender-related health care issues. Professionally, she has been providing hormone therapy to both transmasculine and transfeminine patients for 35+ years in both the University and private practice worlds.

Dr. Haggerty is currently in MTF transition, having been on hormone therapy for the past 2 years and undergoing gender affirming surgery (as a senior adult). "Working" professionally in the trenches for three decades has provided a solid long-term perspective on where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be going with regards to gender care in the future. "Living" in those same
trenches, as a transitioning physician, has presented an interesting and unique set of experiences, insights and personal-professional dilemmas.

Tales from the Trenches - Working Both Sides of the Fence

Professionally, I have been providing hormone therapy to both FTM and MTF patients for 35 years, in both the University and private practice
worlds. Oh!... those ARE ever so different worlds, on vastly differing ends of the medical universe! HOW and WHERE do we get essential medical care as transgender patients? We will discuss many of the essential benefits and disadvantages of each system of care. Treatment and gender transitioning are far more than hormone prescriptions and laboratory tests. How do we provide healthcare across the gender-aging spectrum, and what constitutes best medical practices? We will discuss the best practices across the long-term healthcare spectrum for the new hormone recipient, the transitioning, and the gender transitioned/”living the life” individual.

*Full disclosure: Dr. Haggerty is "out" to those in her close personal life, and professionally with her colleagues. As she continues to undergo surgical gender confirming procedures, she is not yet "out" to her medical practice and local community. Your continued discretion, as such, is greatly appreciated.

Savannah Hauk

The Dynamic Between Non-transitioning, Crossing Dressing Men & Their Significant Others

Join us as we tackle what happens after a crossdressing man reveals himself to or is discovered by his significant other and learn about the changed dynamic between a woman and her crossdressing man.

Detroit-born Savannah Hauk lives a confident, visible and successful male-to-female dual gender life. Her eLit award-winning "Living with Crossdressing" book series is written to demystify and destigmatize the dual gender experience for both crossdressing men and the people who love them. Savannah also co-hosts the weekly The Fox and The Phoenix podcast, reinforcing positive, inclusive messages of gender identity and multiple expression. 

Author, Podcaster, Advocate and TEDx Speaker

Karen Kendra Holmes_edited_edited.jpg

Karen Kendra Holmes

Federal Safety Officer and 

President, Washington D.C. Chapter, Transgender Veterans Support Group

An Award Winning Public Servant, Karen Kendra Holmes works for the Federal Government as a Safety Officer. She is a strong advocate for the Transgender Community that speaks around the country to military, police, fire, medical and university communities. She is working to Build the Bridge between the Transgender Community and Law Enforcement Agencies. 

Karen is an International Board Member Transgender Veteran Support Group (TVSG) LGBTQ Resources. Also, with TVSG she is the President for Washington, DC Chapter, and the Vice President with the Maryland Chapter. Karen joined the Women Veterans United Committee, Inc. in 2020 as Director of Safety for the organization. She is with the US Veteran Reserve Corps 1SG as Force Protection, Recruiter and First Aid, CPR, AED Trainer. Karen received the Engendered Spirit Award from Capital Pride in June of 2018. She also was a TEDx Speaker with TEDx Asbury
Park, NJ on May 19, 2018. LGBTQ Nation selected Karen as one of the Top 50 Transgender Americans You Need to Know in 2017.

Watch Karen Kendra Holmes' TED Talk "40 Years and Wandering No More" 

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Tonya Keith

AASS Certified Somatic Sex Coach and Somatic Sexologist

Tonya is a woman of diverse skills and talents. She has walked the paths of child, daughter, sister, mother, spouse, partner, business woman, performer, teacher, facilitator, and so many more. She is an Autistic, queer, white woman of the American South who is kinky and consensually non monogamous. She has been active in the pagan, energy work, poly, and kink communities for over 20 years. Tonya has been studying and practicing wellness modalities since early childhood. Her passion for wellness has led her to become an Erotic Embodiment Practitioner, Conscious Erotic Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, body stress ritual facilitator, consultant, educator, and coach. She is currently in the final stages of becoming an AASS Certified Sexologist. In Tonya’s words, “As a society, we have been taught to ignore the relationship between our body, mind, and spirit. This denies us the pleasure and peace found when we are fully embodied. It denies us the ability to recognize that we are already whole and divine beings. My goal is to support individuals as they learn to live and love fully.” All of Tonya’s classes are a safer space for all bodies and identities.

My Experience as the Partner of a Person Transforming

This seminar is intended for partners of transitioning persons.

This workshop is an authentic and vulnerable reflection on the lived experience of Tonya's journey in the shadow and light of a man transforming into his authenticity and healthiest self. Tonya has harnessed this challenging experience to transform her own understanding of gender, trauma, and it's impact on pleasure. She is the facilitator of the partners of trans individuals coaching group held bi-weekly at Modern Path, LLC. 

Energy, Sex, and Energy Sex

Presented with Nick Marzo, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist

We are all comprised of energy. Discovering your energy pathway is discovering the path to your personal relationship with intimacy and pleasure. Learning to harness and control that energy can alter moods, heal, create and intensify connection, intimacy and pleasure, both with yourself and others. This workshop will bring into awareness that orgasmic pleasure and release does not need to include touch or interaction with genitals, although it can. Using the flow of energy learners will begin to explore the concepts of energy sex. Energy sex is not a new concept, we forget to teach it to the keepers of trans and gender expansive bodies. This workshop is designed for all individuals exploring their own pleasure and those who support others in exploring their own pleasure. It is a brave space for trans and gender diverse bodies only. We highly recommend this workshop for individuals who are on the ACE spectrum, have disabilities, are survivors of assault, and who experience dysphoria.

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Katie Leikam, LCSW

Navigating Your Relationship After Coming Out 

A discssion on what happens after you come out as transgender to your spouse? How do you navigate coming out to inlaws? What about finances? What about your children that are young enough to be in school? What about to your adult children? What if your spouse will not go to couples counseling with you? What if your spouse wants a divorce? What if your spouse is very supportive and affirming? How do you nurture your relationship if it is going well? 

As a gender specialist, Ms. Leikam has received countless hours of specialized training and continuing education in working with the transgender community. She is a WPATH GEI SOC v7 certified member with over 50 hours of education, including individual mentorship and has passed an extensive competency exam in working with the transgender and gender expansive community. Ms. Leikam a regular public speaker and educator on mental wellness and the transgender community.

Gender Therapist and Author


Miranda Lewis

Life Coach, Professor, Veteran

From Miranda to our Attendees:

I am married, a retired US Marine, a certified life coach, and a government civil servant. I am a spouse, parent, student pilot, and infantry combat veteran. I just happen to also be transgender. My wife and I have four amazing children and work every day to make our way down this path of transition together. I am a professor of defense systems acquisition, teaching for the Department of Defense in my day job. I also run a transformational and transitional life coaching business as a certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant.  This is my true passion in life. I serve those who want help identifying the limits and constraints that are keeping them from seeing their dreams and living their best life. I have spoken and presented at national conferences and for government agencies, such as the Dept of Transportation. As an educator, I have taught and facilitated over 50,000 contact hours of instruction.

How To Set Goals You Didn't Even Know You Had

Join this session for an engaging discussion on how to think outside the box when charting your career goals. You'll hear specific guidance for expanding your thinking about your goals and avoid limiting yourself because you don't already have everything lined up! Join this open discussion to share your own experiences and leave ready to think bigger! I am a professional, certified Life Coach and have delivered this workshop to national-level professional organizations and even the federal government.

Dr Lulu

Dr. Lulu, M.D.

Pediatrician, Mom, Ally

Dr. Lulu is a Nigerian-born former Lieutenant Colonel in the US Airforce, board-certified pediatrician and parent. Dr. Lulu and her work has an LGBTQ+ parent coach has been featured on Oprah, NBC, ABC, CBS This Morning and Parents Magazine.

Strategies to Support Black Transgender Students in Higher Education

This workshop guides participants in effective ways to support Black transgender collegiate students. Dr. Lulu will focus on the intersectionality of Black transgender students and the need for comprehensive, particularly with regard to mental health and affirmation. 

Ray Gibson 2024 headshot.jpg

Ray Gibson

Air Force Veteran, Activist, Transgender Community Leader

Ray Gibson is 66-year-old Air Force Veteran, eldest son of the legend Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals, YouTube Content Creator, former Public Speaker for Landmark Worldwide, former Executive Director for TMBLM, Inc. (TransMale Black Lives Matter), and created/runs TransMEN Gentleman’s Club. He has over 40 years of sobriety (41 in May 2024), started his medical transition on October 30, 2015, and has been a Black & trans activist since 2016. He’s an international surrogate father of many young people and considers himself a man who speaks truth to power. Born into Jim Crow, growing up during the Civil Rights Era, he brings a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom to make as big an impact that he can on this world. He has been written about in various articles around the internet and even trains VA interns in their diversity training about what it’s like to be a Black transman in society. The interns have stated that he turned their training into an experience.

Racisand Transphobia

What does racism coupled with transphobia mean today. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? How does it impact the LGBTQIA+ community? You see, it’s not necessarily the answers we find that is important, but the powerful questions we ask ourselves and others. One can lecture or one can teach. I do a bit of both.

Gunther headshot.jpeg

Dr. Sven Gunther, MD

Gender Affirming Plastic Surgeon and Transgender Health Advocate 

Dr. Gunther attended medical school at the University California Davis School of Medicine as a Regents’ Scholar, one of a select group of students with demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and exceptional promise. Dr. Gunther attended Case Western Reserve University/University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for his plastic surgery residency. Here, he trained with multiple world-renowned surgeons in the study of gender-affirming top surgery, facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, and facial
feminization. Dr. Gunther was fortunate to spend his last year of training at Oregon Health & Science University, focusing on all aspects for gender-affirming surgery including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, top surgery, breast augmentation, and facial feminization. One of Dr. Gunther’s greatest personal achievements during medical school was founding and co-directing a free hormone clinic for transgender and gender non-comforming patients.
 Dr. Gunther has been an active member in WPATH since 2018.

Transmasculine Discussion: An Overview of Transmasculine Surgeries
In this session you will be covering a brief introduction of trans masculine surgical options as well as how to best prepare for your consultation and surgery. We will focus specifically on top surgery, body contouring and genital surgery options.

Transfeminine Discussion: An Overview of Transfeminine Surgeries 
In this session we will be covering a brief introduction of trans feminine surgical options as well as how to best prepare for your consultation and surgery. We will focus specifically on facial feminization surgery, breast surgery, body contouring and vaginoplasty options.

nick marzo headshot.jpg

Nick Marzo

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist

Nick Marzo, MS LPC, LMHC, CST, ACS, NCC, CCMHC (he/him/Sir) is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Therapist, Approved Clinical Supervisor, educator, and consultant. Nick’s career has spanned 25 years in community behavioral health, administrative oversight, and private practice. He opened Modern Path, LLC in 2017 with the goal of creating a space in Atlanta where those who are marginalized due to their gender, sexuality, and how they build relationships would be able to access therapy in a way that minimized the power in the room, fostering trust and vulnerability. Since that time Modern Path has become the “go to” practice in Atlanta for the intersections of gender and sexuality, queerness in all of its forms, and neurodivergence. No longer providing direct care, Nick’s focus is Modern Path, supervision,  serving as the AASECT Ethics Advisory Committee Chairperson, and providing consultation and training nationwide. Nick is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, recipient of the 2021 AASECT DEI Award and founder of the AASECT Gender Diverse SIG. Nick’s experiences are informed by his intersecting identities of being a middle aged, trans masculine, genderqueer, thrice gifted, consensually non monogamous, birth parent and an all around magical guy residing in east coast metro areas his entire life. 

Demystifying Gender: Everything you’ve ever wanted to ask a Gender Affirming 

Yes we are everywhere and we always have been; unfortunately the world is not prepared for us so we have to prepare ourselves. In this workshop, facilitated by a transgender Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Sex Therapist, we will present basic concepts all folks need to know related to gender affirming care and the transformation experience to answer as many of your questions as possible. This class is for all people. The safety of trans people will be prioritized at all times. The experiences of trans people and their affirming partners and family members will be centered. Education related to sex and reproductive healthcare will be included. 

Energy, Sex, and Energy Sex

Presented with Tonya Keith, AASS Certified Sexologist

We are all comprised of energy. Discovering your energy pathway is discovering the path to your personal relationship with intimacy and pleasure. Learning to harness and control that energy can alter moods, heal, create and intensify connection, intimacy and pleasure, both with yourself and others. This workshop will bring into awareness that orgasmic pleasure and release does not need to include touch or interaction with genitals, although it can. Using the flow of energy learners will begin to explore the concepts of energy sex. Energy sex is not a new concept, we forget to teach it to the keepers of trans and gender expansive bodies. This workshop is designed for all individuals exploring their own pleasure and those who support others in exploring their own pleasure. It is a brave space for trans and gender diverse bodies only. We highly recommend this workshop for individuals who are on the ACE spectrum, have disabilities, are survivors of assault, and who experience dysphoria.

Gwen Patrone

Dr. Gwen Patrone, PhD

Author and Entrepreneur

Dr. Patrone is a lifelong entrepreneur and former Sergeant in the US Marines. She uses organic life experiences to simplify complex ideas. Through speaking on stage and in virtual and recorded classes, she's helped countless people worldwide discover their purpose and reach their goals through innovative thinking. 

Trans Truth: Your Journey to Completeness 

Dr. Patrone presents the major theories of her book Trans Truth, a guide and discussion on the gender spectrum for transgender persons. 

Marg Produe

Activist and Educator

Marg Produe is a person living with intersex traits. Marg holds degrees in Science, Information Technology and Technical Prosthetics. Marg is a member of interACT, InterConnect, Madison Area Transgender Association, Oconomowoc PFLAG, Transgender Heaven and Crossdresser Heaven. 

Intersex People: The "I" in LGBTQIA+

About 2% of the population has Intersex traits. Intersex people are as common as redheads. Yet, other than in name, they are a little-known or understood part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. This program will discuss the variety of aspects of living an Intersex life. 

Michelle Popkov

President Emerita of Vanity Club, Co-Founder of Transgender United

Michelle Popkov has given presentations on style and technique at major transgender conferences since 2011.  She is President Emerita of the Vanity Club and a co-founder of Transgender United, an all-inclusive social and support group for the LGBT community. Michelle is retired and lives in Las Vegas, NV.

Enhancing Your MTF Presentation 

You have just gathered enough confidence to come out of your hotel room, and then you find yourself "Made" in less than 10 seconds! What can you do? This seminar is aimed at novices to know some basic tips on developing a feminine presentation. These tips will provide you countermeasures to take on your life in public as a woman, build your confidence, and avoid natural traps that give you away. 


Dr. Jean Rich

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Rich has been in private practice in Florida for over 50 years and specializes in cosmetic procedures to create a more feminine smile by reshaping teeth and lips. With facial form and modern restoration procedures, Dr. Rich can make you proud to smile!

Transforming a Masculine Smile to a More Feminine Appearance 

In this session, you will learn the methods to transform your smile to a more feminine appearance using crowns, veneers, gingival contouring and orthodontic movement. 

Jackie Ricter.jpg

Jackie Richter

Business Leader

After struggling to find employment opportunities in the construction industry due to ger gender identity, Jackie resorted to creating her own firm Heels and Hardhats, a female owned and operated contracting business, providing a wide range of contracting services. 

After completing the Southern Company gas supplier diversity program, Heels and Hardhats went from being a subcontractor to a Tier 1 supplier for this company. Mentoring has empowered us to be who we are today. Jackie has said that the Southern Company's willingness to share knowledge has helped elevate our company status in the industry. 

Jackie has since created a second company, Endurance, which is also a supplier for the Southern Company and has come to share her story with us and encourage more to do the same!

Mallery Robinson_edited_edited.jpg

Mallery Jenna Robinson 

Transgender & HIV Healthcare Advocate, Training Professional and Podcast Creator

Mallery Jenna Robinson (she/hers) is an AfroCaribbean Transgender woman and community leader. Professionally, she is a Transgender and HIV Healthcare Advocate for the State of California. She is also the creator of A Hateful Homicide, a true crime and investigative journalism podcast dedicated to covering the hate crimes and hate violence of the transgender, gender nonbinary/nonconforming, intersex, two spirit community members in the United States and abroad. In addition, she is the Founder and Instructor of Trans Excellence Academy and Transgender Empathy Trainings (T.E.T Talk). 

Transgender Empathy Trainings are a collection of trainings from Transgender Excellence Academy. The goal for Transgender Empathy Trainings are to provide empathetic strategies and approaches that will increase a business owner, healthcare provider, or other community leader the best empathetic practices that will provide a positive and productive interaction with a member of the transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex communities. By having these empathetic approaches, strategies, and practices you are increasing your chances of having a successful working relationship with a community member of the transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex experience.

laura ross headshot.jpeg

Laura Ross

Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Sex Counselor

Laura is a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist and Sex Counselor based in Decatur, GA (Atlanta). She is passionate about helping everyone with a pelvis. Her special interests are inclusive care for all genders, pelvic pain, sexual health and the intersection of pelvic health and athletic performance. Laura earned a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and the Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certificate (PRPC) through the Herman and Wallace Institute. She has additional training in PT for concerns
specific to trans and gender expansive folks including gender affirming surgeries and earned the Certificate in Sexuality Counseling for Pelvic Health Therapists from Pelvic Global. Laura is a member of the APTA, WPATH, and AASECT. Prior to becoming a PT Laura was a professional oboist for 10 years playing in studios, symphonies, operas and ballets in Nashville.

Pelvic Health Therapy for Trans and Gender Expansive Clients

 Affirming care in pelvic health can greatly enhance quality of life and is care that some folks don't know is available to help! Come and learn how Pelvic PT can help folks with bladder and bowel issues (constipation), pelvic pain, sexual difficulties (arousal, pleasure, painful sexual activity), pre/rehab for gender affirming top and bottom surgeries.  

Loren S Schechter MD photo 2021_edited.jpg

Dr. Loren Schechter, MD

Chief of Gender Affirmation Surgery at Rush University

Dr. Schechter is Professor of Surgery and Urology and Chief of Gender Affirmation Surgery at Rush University. He serves on the Executive Committee of The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). He was the recipient of the 2013 Illinois State Bar Association Community Service Award for his advocacy efforts on behalf of the transgender community, was an invited discussant to the Pentagon in 2017 to discuss military service by transgender individuals.

Consultations will be offered. Seminars include:

  • Vaginoplasty 

  • Chest Surgery

  • Metoidioplasty/Phalloplasty, with hysterectomy and vaginectomy 

Cody Suzuki headshot.jpg

Cody Suzuki

Queer Spoken Word Artist

“Ask not what your gender can do for you-  Ask what you can do for your gender”
Hailing from Massachusetts,  Cody Suzuki is a local MA/ RI queer non-conforming Spoken Word artist. With works in poetry,  play & story writings,  their passion is Queer Spoken Word. Supporting the trans & non-conforming community everywhere, Cody wishes to educate, enlighten and entertain with the same breath! A long time TransWeek Fantasia Fair attendee and performer, projects include opening for the URI Trans Views touring production, Southcoast Equality Pride, First Event, spoken engagements, impromptu reads or anywhere there’s an open mic!

Spoken Word - A Queers’ Anthology
“My Spoken Word will tell you more about me than I ever can!”
Using their authentic voice, Cody Suzuki presents a share of this living journey as told by their original pieces. Going from the moment of conception “Where do I begin”- to coming out as trans queer “What if I told you” -they visit childhood nursery rhymes, ponderings of complex issues in living, relating & dating- to their latest creation “Beyond Gender.” Cody’s works toy, ploy & explore the preconceived notions of gender. Educational, most in verse and often humorous, they deliver gender accepting messages to audiences of all ages. Let’s not end this workshop here- “If I gave you my ear, What would you want me to hear?” That said - All are welcome to bring along their own Word, Story or Piece to share! It's our words & stories that keep the world revolving. Tell yours  & let's close this session together!

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Bree Wiles, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker at UCLA 

Bree Wiles is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at UCLA and speaks at national conferences on self-harm and queerness, with a focus on youth in particular. She graduated with her MSW from USC with a specialization in Children, Youth, and Families. She has worked with queer youth in multiple settings including in the medical field, providing therapy, and creating programs within institutions and agencies to provide queer youth with more equitable care.


Bree presents at conferences around the country where she focuses on her own story as a queer teenager who self-harmed and the intersectionality between mental health and queerness. She has extensive lived and professional experience on how to assist queer youth with interventions to replace self-harming behavior. She has provided various LGBTQIA+ trainings to doctors, nurses, and other social workers at UCLA, as well as implemented more visibility on the pediatrics unit. Her own story has inspired many queer youth and has provided awareness on how prevalent self-harm and suicide are within the queer community in particular. With self-harm and suicide on the rise for queer youth who are grappling with a society that has tried to silence them, Bree is passionate about providing awareness, education, and using her lived experience as a queer woman to make impactful change in the mental health world. Bree plans to open her own private therapy practice where she wants to focus on helping queer youth and will continue to present at conferences to create change in the mental health field.

becca zoe.jpg

Becca Reynolds, RN 

Registered Nurse, Healthcare Educator, Support Group Leader

Becca Reynolds RN is a Registered Nurse from Springfield, MO. Before nursing, Becca was a paramedic and an EMS educator--and has been working in healthcare since the age of 19.  Becca is a transgender woman and has been in transition since 2005.  Becca has presented at conferences for many years and is one of the founders of her local support group.

The Making of a Support Group

No support group in your area?  Create one!  A how-to for those in need of a trans/LGBTQ support group.  Do's, don'ts and plenty of pearls of wisdom from a group founder with 15+ years experience.

Unity in the Dichotomy: Finding the One-ness in our Two-ness

Using words, images and discussion an exploration of the magic of being trans.

I Can't Do Nuthin' : Can't begin/complete a gender journey because of cost, family, religion, career, or just plain fear?  You CAN accomplish many, many milestones on the path.  Let's talk about them.

Where Will We End Up:  Senior Life and being Trans.  A discussion of options for elder queer people.  Led by a 62 year old trans RN.

Jane Lee

The Journey of a Woman by Choice

A walk through the diagnosis of gender dysphoria, to familial and social challenges and on to acceptance and surgery.

~More Coming Soon~

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