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Welcome to the Atlanta Comfort Conference

Come join us for the inaugural 2023 Atlanta Comfort Conference in the vibrant city of Atlanta! 

Well known for its trans-welcoming restaurants, galleries, clubs and community, Atlanta has something for everyone. Whether you are seeking a night on the town or a more intimate gathering of friends, new and old, the Atlanta Comfort Conference is designed to make you feel right at home!  


The White Roses Program for first time attendees 

If this is your first time attending a conference like Atlanta Comfort, the White Roses Program is just for you!

Match with an Ambassador, receive white rose corsages for special events and a custom welcome package. To learn more, click below and simply enroll when you register. Free of charge.

white rose wrist blue nails_edited.jpg

The White Rose Program

Colorful Flags


The Ambassadors Program for our volunteer leaders

We'll get straight to it - we need your support to make this event a success. And with so many talented individuals in our community, we want to create an event not only made for us, but made by us. 

As an Ambassador you represent the Atlanta Comfort Conference. You may support our first time attendees or assist our Speakers. There is work to do, big and small, with just about any time commitment! 

Our Spouses & Significant Others Program 

Not sure if you should attend with your spouse or significant other?
Well, you most certainly should! Join other spouses and significant others for an extra dose of fun and friendship!

This program offers special excursions and meet-ups in addition to the host of activities you are encouraged to attend with your partner. Join free of charge, with optional excursions for additional costs. 




& Significant Others

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