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WHITE ROSES for first time attendees*

white rose wristlet

The White Rose Program

We understand the questions and hesitations you may have as a first time attendee to an event like the Atlanta Comfort Conference. With us, you are encouraged to dress and be as you please and sometimes, that can be difficult. The White Roses Program is here to make it easier for you! 

Our volunteer team of Ambassadors are experienced conference-goers. Some enjoy cross dressing, some are transgender, some prefer not to label. But these things are certain: all of our Ambassadors are strong members of our community and were once first time attendees too! 

By enrolling in our White Roses Program, you will be matched with an Ambassador who will meet with you on arrival day and offer their support through the entire conference. 

Not sure where to sit? Sit with your Ambassador! Walking to an event? Walk with your Ambassador. Chicken or steak? They probably can't help ya there. But we guarantee that you can ask your Ambassador questions big and small and you will be met with empathy, hospitality and friendship. 


Join the White Roses Program when you Register for the conference!
Ambassador Match
Rose Corsage f
or Events
Custom Welcome Packet
Free of Charge 

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